360° Challenge Always commited to challenges

For our customers, partners, employees, and all stakeholders, GALOIS Inc.
will always proactively challenge and overcome any difficulties ahead


Challenges in 10+ categories including human resources, real estate, entertainment, and medical care
we started from service towards university student

"Let's create the most reliable platform for university students who want to take on challenges" In 2014, we started the business of "GakuseiKyosan.com" (now "GakuseiKyosan"), a sponsorship platform dedicated to university students, with this in mind.

Today, the number of member organizations has grown to over 5,000 and we are the leading player in the sponsorship platformer industry and a trusted marketing agency for university students. Over the years, we have supported many student organizations and corporate clients.

Our challenge will not stop here.
We are currently directly operating and supporting the operation of 15+ specialized job sites aiming to become a platform for supporting the customers beyond the framework of web affiliates. We are expanding the industry coverage to 10+ industries for both full-time and part-time jobs(gig-work).

"360°Challenge" is a value that takes root in all employees.

We believe our organization should always constantly challenge ourselves with a sense of ownership while enjoying our work. We believe that our value of "360° challenge" is integral in pursuing these qualities and will eventually lead to satisfying our clients and partners.

At Galois Inc., under our shared ambition to create new values, we cherish entrepreneurs' spirit not afraid of failures.
Currently, the average age of our employees is 30.1 years old, that includes a group of experienced mid-career members. To enable each and every employee to focus on their own challenges, we have been constantly working to strengthen our HR system, such as MBO (Management by Objectives) and flex-time system.

Let's work together to ensure the growth of customers, partners, and for your career development.

Ryosuke Asai (CEO)

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