Our Services

Our mission

Answering and exceeding expectations

We want to create value that not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations.
With this in mind, Galoic Inc. operates a wide variety of IT services.
We are evolving our business solutions every day to serve our clients.


  • 01Media & Job site management
  • Specialized Media Business

    Managing 15+ job sites in 10+ industries

    We directly operate and support the operation of 15+ specialized job sites in more than 150 types of jobs for both full-time and part-time jobs(gig-work). Strength in industries such as real estate, retail, transportation, entertainment, medical care, etc.
    We provide in-depth column articles for each area, cross-search functions, and dedicated information for registered members. We always stand by the user's point of view and provide a wealth of useful and specialized content.

  • 02Gakusei Kyosan Platform
  • Gakusei Kyosan (student sponsorship)

    Sponsorship platform to offer a new campus life

    With the mission of "Students First company," we aim to contribute by maximizing opportunities for students. Now, we are one of the largest sponsorship platforms in Japan.

  • 03Recruitment support business
  • Qope

    Operational job advertising platform & Recruitment management

    Qope is an operational job advertising platform with enhanced recruitment management functionality that eliminates response losses, improves efficiency, and increases the number of applications. Advertisers can also benefit with publishing platforms only available with Qope.